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We do high quality jobs and provide all customers with good services treating their property with respect. We are relaible and competitive with our pricing and activities with our clients.

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Civil Works We do civil works from scratch to top. We have professional team to do it.

MatafGroup has professional expertise in all industrial, structural, architectural, infrastructures related civil works.
All the projects undertaken by MatafGroup are executed on a "task force" basis with its high quality and expert management and a work force dedicated to their work.

  • 01. Structural
  • 02. Waterproofing
  • 03. Epoxy
  • 04. and more...
Design & Architecture

We are dedicated to providing innovative designs & build services, from building brand new facilities to renovating and rehabilitating those that already exist. Our client experience is far-reaching and includes projects for hotels, commercial buildings, corporate, shopping mall, retail, industrial, university, healthcare, school, residential, municipal facilities and more.
We understand that each project is different, and our engineering and building services can be customized according to a projectís specialized needs, from specialty design with a limited scope, to full design-build that includes construction.

  • 01.Design
  • 02.Build
  • 03.Finishing
Electrical We provide services for a range of projects strengthening our expertise, including complete low voltage electrical installations for Commercial Buildings, Villas, Warehouses and more.

We provide its services widely with skilled & experienced engineers, manpower, and elite suppliers Get the advantage of our professional team's ability to handle all types of services in a modern process and save your valuable effort and Ideas!

  • 01. Cabling & Wiring
  • 02. Power & Lighting
  • 03. Low Current
  • 04. Fire Alaram
  • 05. BMS
Mechanical We provide services for a range of projects strengthening our expertise, including complete HVAC (Air Conditioning), Plumbing, Fire Fighting for Commercial Buildings, Villas, Warehouses and more.

Our Mechanical Department has what installation, designing, engineering solutions takes, that offer more for less in a proficient manner.
We are having professional to complete all kind of mechanical works such as HVAC, Fire Fighting, Chiller, Plumbing & Steel Works Etc.

  • 01. HVAC
  • 02. Fire Fighting
  • 03. Steel Works
  • 04. Plumbing

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