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Interactive learning is a hands-on, real-world approach to education. According to Stanford University School of Medicine, 'Interactive learning actively engages the students in wrestling with the material.

It reinvigorates the classroom for both students and faculty. Lectures are changed into discussions, and students and teachers become partners in the journey of knowledge acquisition.'

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Our Vision

What is interactive learning, really?

It is a procedure that imparts education in the traditional classroom. In between traditional lectures with students who listen to their instructors and take notes and individual e-learning from the commodity of one's home, interactive learning combines it all, right there in the spot where education happens - classrooms.

There are a range of different learning styles, but around 65% of people identify as visual learners which means they respond particularly well to multimedia content such as videos, photographs, illustrations, infographics, maps and charts. This type of content can help learners to make sense of text-based e-learning content and will help maintain levels of concentration.

However, in a word, the importance of interactivity is practice. Non-interactive learning means no practice, means the curve of forgetting will do its merciless work, reducing learned content to forgotten mush in short order, resulting in time wasted and negative ROI.

And this is what gave birth to the idea of the program we wish to discuss with you. A unique curriculum designed to encapsulate the essence of Interactive Learning but at the same time give our kids the much needed academic edge.
We like it call it STEM (Learning): Science, Technology, English, Mathematics

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Hot Areas of Development

Social Development

Such an educational program helps the kids in their verbal and non-verbal language skills. ability to express themselves and to be able to handle adverse social settings

Cognitive Development

STEM takes care of this as well, which we in broad terms refer to as 'Intelligence' which is basically our ability to think, create, evolve, and use learning to solve problems

Emotional Development

Such a style of learning helps instill in kids a sense of confidence, selfesteam, maturity, self-regulation, moral values, resilience, and most importantly empathy.

Physical Development

Our program promotes physical activities as an integral process to learning. A healthy body is as important as a healthy mind.

STEM Program in a nutshell

Promotes Classroom Collaboration

Versatility in Teaching and Learning

Promotes Autonomy

Uses the Existent Technology Skills of Students

It Is Flexible and Adaptable

It Is Enjoyable


Age Groups


  • 0-2 Years

Nursery School

  • 3-5 Years

Primary School

  • 6-9 Years

Middle School

  • 10-13 Years

High School

  • 14-16 Years


  • 17-19 Years

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